Saturday, 31 July 2010

These continual barked instructions... Like holidaying at St Pancras. Train journey to Flam this afternoon. Husband under strange impression that I would eat lunch at 11.30am.... Most odd. Of course, heaven forbid he might allow any spontaneity or uncertainty

creep into this week of regimented mediocrity.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Funny how spellcheck wants to write "hate" for Gatwick...
Refusing to sit on stuffy bus till the engine actually starts. Taken herbal travel pills & joy of joys Rescue Remedy chewing gum. Rescue Remedy got me through four years of Pony Club oneupmanship. Ideal for a cruise I would think! Husband stoically on coach as that's what the rules say... Gonna do a lot of this. They have lost some passengers which is why we are waiting. The other coach has gone so we will miss the sailing if this one waits much longer. And then I could go home????!!!! Coach virtually empty so can be as comfortable as possible. According to the rep, who can't imagine why anyone with a pulse would go on a cruise, everyone on the other coach was already moaning. Just the sort of holiday I love!!!! I will find the gym asap and stay there. TBC...

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


recommend Chris Neal's article on the Cobden Centre website today.
and yes - as GB Job Clubs Development Director, I will declare an interest!
Our experience with the Job Club network shows that the most effective way of helping people get back into the workplace is the model that has been proven time and again by Oxted, Towcester, Banbury, Thames Valley Springboard Job Clubs (& Shaftesbury of course) and many, many others in our GB Job Clubs network.
Where the ethos of self-help and encouragement replaces the outcome-led culture of many re-employment providers.
As George Athorn, leader of Newbury Job Club says "We don't beat our members up - they get enough of that every day".
Read Chris's article ; it's intelligent common sense.