Monday, 25 October 2010


Really delighted to see this mention of Chris Neal and GB Job Clubs on Con Home Platform today.

I am obviously pleased that Chris and GBJC are achieving this well-deservedrecognition, because this will directly benefit Job Club Leaders and Jobseekers across the country.

By focussing on the individual, not the outcome, our volunteers help Job Club members to find their way on the path to employment, week in, week out, in Job Clubs across the country.

Chatting over coffee - listening - helping with CVs - sharing their own experience -encouraging interaction and self-help, understanding disappointments and celebrating success.

If the mention in Syed Kamall's article has an effect, I hope that many, many more people will be inspired to start Job Clubs or become Jobseeker Buddies.

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Jane Gould

Development Director GB Job Clubs

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